Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank You Mr. President

Last night, I watched President Obama's farewell speech. Cue the water works.

But, It wasn't just that. It was more. It reminded me that we live in a great place. In the last four years, LGBT people have earned marriage rights. (And I am hopeful that some day they will be expanded to be all inclusive with LGBTQIA.) This should keep developing in our nation.

I was reminded that our unemployment is down further than it ever has been before, and our economy is booming. This should keep driving our economy.
I remembered, as I do EVERY DAMN DAY that 20 million Americans now have health insurance, where they could not before. These people are blessed. We may not always be, but we always should be. If this gets repealed, I may have to choose between insulin, good food, pump supplies, test strips, and many other life saving materials I use every day.
I was reminded that a family with grace, beauty, elegance, and love came into this administration and took it by storm, like none other has before them. They are beautiful. I saw him speak to his best friend, vice president, and now brother in a way that makes me thankful for the friendships I have like that. All human relationships should be like this.
And, I listened to him thank all of us, knowing this was not one man's job. He gave us all credit and encouraged us to work together, be strong, and fight for democracy. Because of this, I will always be thankful for these years. This is how it always should be.
Some of those years have been incredibly hard for me. In 2010, I was misdiagnosed and it could have taken my kidneys and my life. In 2011, I was correctly diagnosed-in a shocking year that should have ended in death for me with a misdiagnosis like that for that long. In the past year, I have had one of the toughest ever-not because my candidate lost, or because celebrities died, or because the news is scary. It's been a tough year of personal decisions and I had the toughest break up with a man I love very much. This year has affected my eating patterns, and my stress levels to a whole new degree. I'm recovering, but it's been pretty shitty.

But, what I know from watching that Farewell Speech is that we have people that fight for all of us. And, if we can stick together and fight for our democracy, we will do good things.

Thanks, Obama.

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